How to enter Purchase Orders

Video Walkthrough

Step 1 - Open the new Purchase Order Form

Step 2 - Enter the details in Purchase Order

You have to select the Supplier in the contact field on top left. Here's a help guide to create the supplier.
After that, you can enter the products as required and save the form

Step 3 - Mark the PO as On Order (if required)

When you mark the PO as On Order, the incoming quantity of each sku will show up in the Stock Levels table

Step 4 - Create a GRN at the time of receiving the goods

GRN stands for Goods Receive Note. It can be create against a Purchase Order, or can also be created directly to receive the good. Multiple GRNs can be created against a PO.

Step 5 - Check the PO list to have full overview of all POs

PO statuses


PO is saved and can be shared with the supplier for confirmation.

On Order

PO is confirmed and stock levels incoming stock quantity has been increased by the quantity ordered in the PO.


PO is closed and no further action can be taken on the PO. PO auto closes after complete delivery of stock from supplier. You can manually close PO with partial delivery of stock.

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