Create and edit products in bulk using excel sheet

Sumtracker has the feature for bulk editing products using excel sheet. To edit or create products in bulk you need to first understand all the fields for the product. Check this help doc which explains the meaning of all the product fields.

Sumtracker only reads product data from your store. Any new products you create in Sumtracker will not be synced to your online store. Any edits you make to the product data will not be synced to your online store.

How to create products in bulk

Step 1 - download the create products sample template from here: products.csv

(Right click and download the file)

Step 2 Fill in the required columns as explained below

You can leave the category, variant_name columns blank. To unset the alert threshold leave the column blank. Cost and close_at_quantity are mandatory but you can enter 0 as the value if you do not want to set them.

Step 3 - Import the file

How to edit products in bulk

Step 1 - Export the Product List

Step 2 - Edit products data in the downloaded sheet

Please note - Do not change or delete the id column for editing existing products.

If is highly recommended to use google drive for editing the exported products CSV file.

You can change the following fields - Name, SKU, Barcode, UOM, Category, Tracking type, Alert Threshold, Close at quantity and Notes.

The stock fields are read only. They will not have any impact on the stock in the system when you import the sheet. Read this help doc for more details on non editable fields.

Step 3 - Save the file in CSV format and Import the file

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