Create Products (In bulk)

Step 1

Download the sample excel from here: products.csv
(Right click and download the file)

Step 2

Fill in the required columns as explained below

Fields explained

Mandatory fields are marked with a star (*)

Name* - Product name. Should be unique. This field is required.
SKU* - Stock keeping unit. Should be unique. This field is required.
Print name - Product name to be printed on documents such as purchase orders. If left blank, name will be printed
Group1 - Category of the product. You can put any category name as desired. Can also be left blank.
UOM - Unit of measurement. Choices are pcs, nos, box, roll, pair, set, pkt, kg, g, mg, oz, lb, l, ml, m, in, ft, mm, cm, yd.
Purchase Rate - The default purchase rate without taxes. It can be put as 0 if unknown.
Purchase currency - The default purchase currency
Tax - The default tax rate on the product. Can be left blank or put as NO TAX.
Tracking Type - Choices are TRACKED or NOT_TRACKED.
TRACKED = inventory needs to be tracked in Sumtracker and updated online
NOT_TRACKED = inventory tracking not needed. The inventory of these products is not updated online
Supplier SKU - You can mention a separate SKU to be printed on purchase documents for communication with your supplier.

Step 3

Import the file 

Please note - Products created on Sumtracker are not created on your online channel.

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