Product Sync - Explained

The products and variants on your store are automatically synced to Sumtracker. Whenever you create a product on your store, or update its SKU, it will be automatically synced to Sumtracker.

For Shopify users - In the initial sync, only the products in Active state are synced to Sumtracker. Afterwards, all products, whether Active or Draft, are synced automatically. 

Please note

If you create a product on Sumtracker, it will not be created on your store.
Sumtracker does not update any description or settings of the product on your store.
Products are linked through SKUs between Sumtracker and your store. If you have multiple products/variants with the same SKU on your store, they will be linked to the same product in Sumtracker.
Sumtracker only updates the inventory of products to your store when inventory sync in turned on.

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